Three Cauldrons

These questions (or ‘doorways’) emerged from the last Subtle Listening class. It was clear that each of the three cauldrons had quite distinct qualities – for instance, rhythm and warmth are very much of the lower cauldron, vocation and joy of the heart cauldron and ‘archetypes’ (e.g. gods / goddess / teacher) within the realm of seership. Print out this PDF and consider 2 doorways for each cauldron that feel most resonant to you (or, indeed, create your own). The most important thing is that you feel you have a direct experience of this (e.g. warmth) and thus opening the question when exploring with another is likely to lead to things you can experience (e.g. this part of the body feels cold). This work is all about owning your own phenomonology  – which means noticing, valuing, reflecting on and communicating your experiences.

Explore how you might ask the question … e.g. ‘Which archetype do I see in this person?’ ‘How does this person look through the filter of anger?’ …. you will find that almost all these questions are socially non-acceptable …. culturally, we are meant not to look … however, simply taking of the blinkers can reveal an immense amount about the other and ourselves. Explore how these initial questions might lead to further questions / insights – i.e. how you might use the question as a doorway.

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